Out and About – Week of January 12th

I usually save cute sayings and trivia for the end of my columns, but because this is the beginning of a new year, I think it would be appropriate to start out with some new thinking for 2015:
Practice gratitude. We could all benefit from doing more of this.
Remember that tomorrow is always a new day. Do what you can to leave today’s troubles behind.
You have the power to make a difference. As you get Out and About, do what you can to be more positive.
Get plenty of sleep. A daily siesta can work wonders.
Forgiving makes you happier. It can also drive your enemies a little crazy.
Believe that good things are going to happen. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
I thought I was pretty smart. I took my doctor’s advice and received my vaccination for the flu. I do this every year as a precaution. Lo and behold, there’s a new flu out there that is not covered by the current vaccine. Last week that flu bug found me. I was only down for a day, and that was long enough. I spent the day in bed sleeping, which was fine with me. I didn’t have any real aches, but I was bothered with the idea that I wasn’t going to get anything accomplished. I justified my staying in bed by thinking that if I get plenty of rest, I should be back on my feet the next day. It worked out just that way. I felt good enough to get up early last Wednesday and clear our driveway and sidewalk of that ugly white stuff. I was able to get everything cleared for Mike, our mailman. “No trail….No mail” kept going through my mind. Anyway, I will continue to wash my hands more often and keep my fingers out of my nose and eyes. I refuse to be like Howie Mandel and not shake hands with anyone, so I’ll just wash my hands more often.
If any of you come down with this latest type of influenza, please stay home and get better. My wife keeps reminding me to get more rest, so I’ll pass this advice on to you folks. We all have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. One of my favorite words is “Tomorrow”.
Once again, I’ll pass on some advice that I’ve mentioned more than once. This is for you folks who may not have seen this, or for those of you who don’t believe in taking advice from anyone. If you keep your car out overnight, and if it snows overnight, take a few extra minutes and clean that snow off your vehicle before starting out. If you start your engine, then clean off the windows and flat areas of your vehicle, by the time you’re done, your vehicle will be warm inside, and your engine will have had time to warm up and the fluids will be flowing like a spring brook. I’ve seen too many cars and trucks out there with peep holes cleared in the windshield. Their taillights are covered with snow, which makes it difficult to travel safely behind those vehicles. This advice is FREE. You may take it or leave it.
Spring is less than seventy days away. You may leave the lawn mower covered up for now. We still have many cold days ahead of us, so it’s important that we don’t forget about our pets. I know that there are some of you who keep your dog outside. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps your dog is used for hunting. In any case, if your dog is kept outside, make sure that he/she has a warm place to sleep, with plenty of food and unfrozen water. Check on your pet every day. If you let your pets outside to take care of their business, make sure they don’t stay out too long.
Mandy Hale also has some good advice for this new year. She says, “As we look to the new year, hold on to what is good. Let go of what is bad. It really is that simple.”
See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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