Out and About – Week of March 2nd

I was misinformed, or rather I didn’t fully check out my sources before I listed something that I thought was true. Several weeks ago, I mentioned that Susan Lucci was the daughter of comedian Phyllis Diller. Thanks to several readers, I learned that they were not related at all. At least I know that this column is indeed read by more than just a few close friends and family. I thank those readers and apologize for misleading anyone.
Next Sunday, March 8, is the date that we must set our clocks AHEAD one hour. Remember, spring ahead, fall back? You’ll be reminded of this, if you watch television, but I thought I’d put out a friendly reminder anyway. The official “Spring Ahead” hour is Sunday at 2 AM. I honestly have no idea why we adjust our clocks twice a year anymore. I believe at one time it was for the benefit of the farmers, so that they would have more daylight hours to work in the fields. I’m pretty sure that there are some tractors that have headlights, so why the need to change the time twice a year? I’m also pretty sure that in order to do away with Daylight Savings Time, it would take an act of Congress, and they are way too busy to worry about something so trivial.
A couple of weeks ago, Channel 3 News was busy promoting the new television series Battle Creek. For those who didn’t catch the first episode on Sunday, March 1, the show deals with daily life in the Battle Creek Police Department. There are several law enforcement series on television already, but Battle Creek contains more humor than the others. It will be interesting to see how the viewers react to the series. The city of Battle Creek has had their share of problems with their police force, so adding a little humor might not be such a bad idea. I’m not sure how realistic the show will be when it comes to dealing with inclement winter weather, because the series is filmed in Los Angeles. I have a feeling that there will be more viewers here in Michigan than in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
“TR Goes Nautical” is the theme for this year’s Water Festival. Parade, and vendor applications are now available at the Three Rivers Area Chamber of Commerce, 57 North Main Street, in historic downtown Three Rivers. Watch this paper for more details as Father’s Day weekend draws nearer.
There are quite a few of us who wear glasses. If we enjoy doing the right thing, we get our eyes checked on a regular basis. As a diabetic, I usually get mine checked annually. I’ve been pretty lucky lately, but I end up buying new glasses every couple of years, because my prescription changes. What I’m getting at is, when you get a new pair of glasses, what do you do with your old pair? Please don’t throw them away, but rather take them to one of eight locations here in Three Rivers and put them in a provided receptacle for Lions. These drop boxes are emptied regularly and the glasses are recycled. I’ve listed the drop off points several times, and I have no problem listing them again. Here are the eight locations:
Lowry’s Books and More
Fred’s Pharmacy
City Hall (in the lobby)
Senior Center (also known as the Commission on Aging)
Specialty Clinic (west end of the main floor lobby)
Sussex Vision
August Optical
LA’s Coffee Cafe (on the stair landing)

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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