Traffic change in Sturgis

Re-examination of downtown Sturgis traffic patterns prompted by the Moso Village development has resulted in a proposed order, changing North Street to two-way traffic from U.S. 12 to West Hatch Street.
The Sturgis City Commission earlier this month approved the direction that would reverse a 2007 decision, which had continued restricting the downtown street to northbound only traffic.
Representatives from several businesses affected by the proposed change said they support two-way traffic the length of North Street, while one favors maintaining the current one-way pattern.
In a memo to commissioners, staff said Moso developer Jeremy Gump requested the two-way change from U.S. 12 to West West Street. However, city staff now favors making the change the entire length of North Street.
Officials said two-way traffic will allow better access to municipal parking lots and create a “gateway presence” into the North Street area.
City officials said the Michigan Department of Transportation did not oppose the plan.

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