TRH honors service awards recipients

TRH service pic

THREE RIVERS, MI – Three Rivers Health held their Service Awards Ceremony on Friday,
May 6th. Many employees reached significant milestones in 2016 and were honored for their
dedication and commitment to the organization.
Three Rivers Health recent Service Award Recipients are left to right, front row: Yvonne
Williams, 5 years; Patricia Saviano, 10 years; Pansy Lam, 5 years; Deb Kinney, 15 years;
and Catharine Dobbs, 20 years. Back row: Sherri Henschel, 20 years; Charlie Shane, 20
years; Leonard Darling, 15 years; Sheree Christiansen, 10 years; Tim Tedrow, 40 years;
Shelly Seager, 35 years; Tom Rea, 5 years; Lyndelle Egyed, 15 years; Chris Menz, 25 years;
and Jaquielin Hoffman, 10 years.
Other award winners not pictured: Cathy McMillin, Greg Paavola, Cody Fryling, Andrea
Barnard, Diana Langford, Richard Roberts, Jessica Puckett, and Ruta Grinvalds for 5 years
of service; Carol Lafrance, Terry Vanheukelum, Teresa Frost, Victoria Green, Nina Roth, Erin
Bozell, Diane Ruggles, Theresa Hall, and Richard Boomsliter for 10 years of service; Patty
Lakey, Debra Vanhare, Lisa Skrzypek, Phyllis Reiff, Jody Plank, and Seema Salvi for 15
years of service; Deb Slack, Linda Petit, and Sally Lanphear for 20 years of service; Teresa
Rentfrow, Anne Baechler, and Joy Rumsey for 30 years of service; and Sherry Roberts for 35
years of service.

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