Study shows financial impact of GOCC

An economic-impact study conducted for Glen Oaks Community College indicates the college, its students and regional alumni added more than $119 million in income to the local economy in the school’s 2015-16 fiscal year.
The figure is approximately equal to 4 percent of the area’s Gross Regional Product.
Idaho-based Economics Modeling Specialists International conducted the study. Its report concluded the value of Glen Oaks influences the lives of the students and the region, as well.
The company found that Glen Oaks added $7 million in added income to the region over the 12-month period as a result of its day-to-day operations. That is the equivalent of supporting 102 jobs. Meanwhile, spending by Glen Oaks students during the same period was $224,000, equal to 12 jobs.
The report also found that Glen Oaks alumni employed in the regional workforce equate to the value of $112 million, equal to 3,828 jobs.

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