Mark My Words – Superstitions for Snow Days

Before we left school Thursday, I talked to my students about the possibility that we may have a snow day on Friday. As you know, the meteorologists have been telling us about the “storm of the century” for the past several days, so I wanted them to be prepared, in terms of school work, in the event we had a snow day.
After I finished talking, one of my students raised their hands and said, “Mr. Mac, can I talk to the class for a minute?”. I gave her the floor and what she said made me laugh.
My student then proceeded to tell the class that if they really wanted a snow day, there were a few things they needed to do to ensure we would be able to sleep in on Friday.
*Wear your pajamas inside out

*Put a spoon in the freezer, not a fork, those bring good luck

*Put some ice cubes in the toilet
I have heard of these superstitions before, but some of my students hadn’t, so it was interesting to see and hear their reactions. Some of the students seemed excited to try them, but a few, bless their hearts, did not want to participate because they wanted to come to school! As a teacher, that warms your heart.
Now, I have heard that you put the spoon under your pillow, but she told me I was wrong. Either way, whatever works, right? I have also heard that you should wear your pajamas backwards and spin around 13 times to the left and then repeat to the right. That could be dangerous, so I do not advise that one! Students can also put something light colored on the window sill. I am not sure what that does, but could be worth a try! Other suggested ideas are to eat ice cream for dinner (I approve of this, but I am sure many parents would think otherwise!), do a snow dance in the front yard wearing your pj’s inside out, stand in front of an open freezer door singing “Snow Day, Snow Day, Snow Day”, drink root beer the night before with a straw and wear a colored sock on your left foot but not your right. These are just several of the many I found online! If all else fails, hopefully you and your children have some fun with it!
The night before a possible snow day is always interesting in our house. Being that my wife and I work in two different school districts in two different counties, we are watching the weather in both of those areas. Our children go to school in my wife’s district.
A few weeks ago, we both had a two-hour fog delay. As I was heading out the door to go to work, they got the call that school had been canceled for the whole day. My children thought it was great they were able to stay home while dad went to work.
Yesterday, however, when my school closed and my wife and children had school, the house was not as festive. When your children go to bed thinking they may have a snow day, but you have to wake them up with the news they have to go to school, it can be a little harder to get them out of bed than normal, especially when you tell them that dad will be staying home!
The sadness did not last long, thankfully, which I think was attributed to the fact that it was Friday and the weekend was right around the corner. Truthfully, I would have been fine with going to school, as long as conditions were safe. Our Christmas break begins next Friday, so we have many things going on in class that we are trying to wrap up.
As much as I wanted to just relax and do nothing, that was not in the cards on my unexpected day off. Instead, the driveway was cleared by 7:00 am, laundry was started a few minutes later and I was able to finish our Christmas cards all by 9:00, with the help of our two-year old, who stayed home with me.
All in all, not a bad way to spend the day.

Submitted by Mark McGlothlen

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