Commissioners to discuss millage request

St. Joseph County residents later this year will likely be asked to support a millage request sought by the county’s E-911 Central Dispatch agency.
County administrator Pat Yoder said Central Dispatch Director Dennis Brandenburg broached the subject during last week’s executive committee meeting. Yoder said the matter yielded substantial discussion that centered on a variety of needs Brandenburg noted.
The proposed millage, which is projected to appear before voters in May, would be no more than four-tenths of a mill. If approved, the measure would likely generate up to $750,000 annually over what would be a seven-year period.
Brandenburg told the committee the funds would allow for the installation of a new tower in Sherman Township, the purchase of new mobile radios in police and fire units countywide and install an emergency radio in the three dozen school buildings in the county.
Commissioners are expected to discuss the proposal during Tuesday’s county commission meeting and decide whether to endorse the matter going before voters.

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  1. Sherman Township should either partner with the County or pay for their own tower. “Fortunately, the great majority of Michigan townships are conservatively run and financially healthy, and, as a result, despite regional and national economic issues, are in a favorable position to proactively plan for the replacement of aging infrastructure and the acquisition of new capital improvements needed for the effective and continued provision of township services.”
    The police departments have multiple funding mechanisms available to them for new radios, if they need them. And with inter-departmental cooperation, all can get on the same page, purchasing radios that meet necessary standards.
    This county voted “anti-socialist”, so practice what as you preach and pay for your own needs.
    And the need for an emergency radio in every school is unnecessary. The average school has as least 50 emergency communication devices on their campus during school hours, usually many more. They’re called landlines and cell phones.

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