Local man in Washington for inauguration

A Sturgis man who played a substantial role in Michigan’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president will be a part of the inauguration-related fanfare today in Washington.
Rob Weitt served as one of the state’s 16 electors when Michigan’s Electoral College representatives a month ago confirmed the nomination of Trump for the nation’s top post.
Weitt, 58, said the honor was a result of several factors:  an allegiance to the Republican party; his support for Trump starting at the ground-floor; his standing with the St. Joseph County Republican Party’s Executive Committee; and the fact he was an elected precinct delegate in Sturgis Precinct 1.
As an Electoral College member, Weitt on Dec. 19 represented the state’s Sixth District Caucus, a six-county area comprising the Southwest region of Michigan. He was not challenged in his bid to serve as an elector.
Weitt said he will take advantage of an invitation to the “Make America Great Again Concert,” the presidential inauguration, the inaugural parade and the inaugural ball today.

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