White Pigeon video in the works

A promotional video showcasing White Pigeon Community Schools appears to be in store for an update.
Board of education members last week agreed to look further into the proposal of new footage after fielding two bids for the work. The video and still photos would appear on the district’s webpage and replace content that Superintendent Jon Keyer said is about three to four years old.
Board members made note about what they liked and did not care for after viewing work both bidders have done for other commercial jobs.
Curriculum director Carrie Erlandson said she plans to get back to both bidders and indicate the district has a certain budget for the task.
The video would run between three to five minutes and capture the spirit of the district by featuring its students, staff, athletics and extra-curricular events, Keyer and Erlandson said.
Board members conceded the video may not be ready until the end of the year in order to capture images from this year’s winter and spring athletic teams and graduation, as well as fall sporting events in the 2017-18 academic year.

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