Police impound vehicle after traffic stop

A vehicle was impounded by Three Rivers Police last week after a department K9 reacted positively to the presence of drugs.
The vehicle was stopped following a traffic violation around 10 p.m. Friday at Michigan Avenue and U.S. 131 after it was seen driving through neighborhoods and avoiding police and major routes.
Police said the 53-year-old driver acted in a suspicious manner but denied authorities the right to search his vehicle. The department K9, Django, displayed signs consistent with the presence of narcotics based on odor it detected emanating from the exterior of the vehicle.
Officers then had probable cause to search the vehicle and discovered items typically used to conceal drug activity, authorities said.
The driver was released without charges but his vehicle and its contents were seized due to their evidentiary value. Felony drug charges will be sought against the man, police said.

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