Sturgis proposes new parking designations

New downtown Sturgis businesses and the addition of residential housing units have prompted the city to create new parking designations in municipal lots.
The policy creates open parking, short-term parking, designated overnight parking and permitted parking where residents or businesses may rent spaces in certain areas for $12 per month or $ 120 per year.
Rental parking spaces would be limited to one per resident or rental unit. But a building owner would be allowed to rent one space per unit they own on behalf of their tenants, but a tenant would not be allowed to also rent a space.
Sturgis City Commission devoted a work session prior to its regular meeting Wednesday to review the proposal.
The proposal designates fewer than 30 “permitted parking” rented spaces that will reserve the spot 24 hours a day.
The proposal is expected to come back to the commission in May for final adoption.

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