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Local schools to receive funding increase

State Rep. Aaron Miller said all local K-12 school districts in communities he serves will receive the maximum increase of state funding in the new school budget.

Miller said every K-12 school district in the state is in line for an increase per student under the 2017-18 school-aid budget. The schools in the communities he serves will all receive the maximum $120-per-student amount.

Miller said rural schools in the past were not funded equally with larger, urban school districts, and the past few budgets have contained provisions to help alleviate the funding gap.

Miller was involved in budget discussions this spring and voted for the funding increases.

School districts in the communities Miller serves will receive the following rounded increases:

Burr Oak, $87,000; Centreville, $200,000; Colon, $132,000; Constantine, $338,000; Marcellus, $209,000; Mendon, $132,000; Nottawa, $37,000; Sturgis, $825,000; Three Rivers, $617,000; and White Pigeon, $218,000.



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