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Contract awarded for park building clean up

A bid was awarded to Serv-Pro to clean bat droppings from a historic building owned by the St. Joseph County Parks Department.

During last week’s county commission meeting, the board approved a contract necessary as the result of a bat infestation in the attic of the mill portion of Rawson’s King Mill in Leonidas Township.

County administrator Teresa Doehring said the access point was closed off a few years ago and it appears bats are no longer able to enter the area they once inhabited. With the county planning to repurpose the mill in a way that makes it generally open to the public, there is a need to remediate the guano, and clean the area’s walls, ceiling and floor, Doehring said.

The amount of Serv-Pro’s proposal was about $18,000. Funds for the task will come from Rawson’s King Mill account.

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