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Ordinance stipulations rules out parole home

The head of Twin County Community Probation Center said an ordinance approved by the Three Rivers City Commission this week features stipulations that will prohibit the center from pursuing a parolee group home on South Main Street.

According to the Three Rivers Commercial News, Tom Miles said the ordinance requires 24-hour-a-day staffing and the expense would cost the probation center more than $200,000. Miles said the center cannot afford such a requirement and, as a result, it will not pursue a residence at 308 S. Main St.

The ordinance also calls for around-the-clock video surveillance and includes a stipulation about proximity to an alcohol-serving retail business. Miles said the house that was being pursued is within 1,000 feet of the South Main Street Shell station, putting the residence out of compliance with the requirement.

Miles said there is a need for parolee housing and the city made it too difficult to accommodate such a residence.

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