Constantine considers sanitary sewer plant renovation

Constantine Village Council members last week adopted a resolution to begin a series of steps to receive funds from USDA World Development for renovation of its sanitary sewer system plant.

Estimated cost is $7.9 million.

Discussion centered on issuing bonds, one possibility to fund a low-interest rate loan for 40 years to upgrade the plant.

Liz Girgen and Brad Lyons, engineers at Fleis & VandenBrink, said there are pros and cons to the village staying with Three Rivers wastewater treatment plant to treat sewage. But, the village might be better off attempting to renovate its existing plant, which has been abandoned for 20 years.

Over the past three years, there has been a 100 percent increase in the amount Constantine pays to ship its wastewater to the Three Rivers plant, Girgen said.

USDA offers a long-term loan and there is an opportunity for grant funding, municipal officials said.

Village officials were told the plant would be running in up to 36 months.

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  1. 7 million? Then why are they asking for 9 million in bonds? And after more than 20 years of inaction, missteps and blunders is the council planning to put residents more than 9 million dollars in debt without putting to a village wide vote? Put it on the ballot!

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