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Out and About – Week of July 8th

Next Tuesday, July 16, is a good day for all you blood donors. The American Red Cross will hold blood drives at two separate locations on that day. You have a week to decide where you’d like to go to make that very important donation.

If you reside in the Centreville area, you may stop by the Centreville United Methodist Church, 305 East Main Street, in Centreville. Their hours are from noon until 5:45 PM.

In Three Rivers, the venue for donating is the UAW Local 2093 union hall located at 15802 Hoffman, just west of US-131. The hours there are from noon until 4:45 PM.

I’ve received several favorable comments from readers on a recent column in which I dealt with Hospice. Here is some more information you might find interesting:

Hospice is not just for those facing death. Hospice is also for the families dealing with the loss of a loved one, especially those suffering depression after the loss of a spouse. Author Katherine Ornstein, an assistant professor of geriatrics and palliative medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine, is quoted as saying, “Survivors are just as likely to be depressed following the death of their life partner, whether or not Hospice eased the patient’s suffering and helped them pass with dignity. But Hospice care seems to provide a modest benefit in terms of survivor’s ability to recover from that depression.”

Here is another myth concerning Hospice:

MYTH: I thought that if my mother was under the care of Hospice, she could no longer go to the hospital, if she needed to. In the past year, she has been hospitalized several times because her pain got out of control. TRUTH: While Hospice strives to manage pain and other uncomfortable symptoms outside of the hospital, a Hospice patient always has the choice of whether or not go to the hospital. The Medicare Hospice Benefit covers short-term general inpatient care in the hospital when a patient’s symptoms can no longer be managed in another care setting.
Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I enjoy watching television. I can’t remember a time that I was not addicted to anything of interest that might be found on any one of the over 200 available channels. Good news! I think I’m in TV Rehab. Lately, I’ve found it very difficult to find much of anything worth watching. This would make my mother very happy, because she would rather have me spending my leisure time reading a good book.

I’ve discovered several things about current television broadcasting. For every half-hour of viewing, you will have at least ten minutes of commercials. A great majority of these commercials deal with over-the-counter drugs, and we wonder why the cost of prescription drugs is so high. I’ve also discovered that there are many commercials that border on being overly sexually influential. I’m thinking that the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is not paying close enough attention when it comes to what is broadcast these days. The commercial on “Slinging” is a good example.

One final “vent” deals with the broadcasting of news. Every evening, I enjoy watching the “Channel Three News at 6”. If I am a slow learner, I could watch the “Channel Three News at Five” or at 5:30. It’s pretty much all the same news. This news is supposed to be local, yet you’ll find an overabundance of national and world news during this ninety minutes. I apologize, it’s not ninety minutes of local news, it’s more like an hour and ten minutes of news and another twenty minutes of the same ads over and over. I guess I should have listened more to my mother’s advice. Better yet, maybe I’ll just get all my news from Facebook and the internet. They say it’s all true.

See you Out and About!

Submitted by Norm Stutesman

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