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County commission approves hiring freeze exceptions

St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners Tuesday made exceptions to their hiring freeze and approved a trio of positions to be filled.

A corrections officer for the sheriff’s department, a deputy district court clerk for its criminal division and a Juvenile Day Treatment supervisor were all granted approval to be filled as soon as possible.

Undersheriff Mark Lillywhite said the corrections deputy will start at just under $20 an hour. Lillywhite said the position is within the department’s budget and the new hire will replace a deputy who recently retired.

Meanwhile, Tabitha Wedge from 3B District Court, said the clerical position she is seeking to fill is the heaviest filing area of the court.

Also, a request from Kevin Kane sought the hiring of a supervisor for the Juvenile Day Treatment program. The position requires that the supervisor handles all operations of the JDT program under the direct guidance of juvenile court.

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