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Constantine sets hearing dates on youth tobacco and vaping

Members of the Constantine Village Council recently set dates for two public hearings regarding a youth tobacco and vaping ordinance, and a youth-marijuana ordinance.

The hearings will run simultaneously at 7 p.m. March 2.

The proposed tobacco and vaping ordinance states a youth violator is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $50 for each violation.

Trustees suggest various community service ideas, including washing police cars, volunteering at the library, cleaning the parks and doing yard work at the senior citizen apartments on Canaris Street.

The proposed youth-marijuana ordinance states the first violation is a civil infraction. For anyone under age 18, the maximum fine is $100.

In addition, court officials may order violators to perform community service, forfeit the marijuana and complete eight hours of drug education or counseling.

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  1. The federal and state laws already ban anyone under the age of 21 from vaping, using tobacco or recreational marijuana. Why does Constantine need a separate law? Why don’t they focus their time and energy on meeting their previous commitments? How’s your water and sewer bill? How many years has the boss’ secretary been paid to run the DDA? See the blossoming of downtown yet? How many alleys and sidewalks got plowed this winter? What’s that, none? But the hump jumping at corners certainly helped residents vehicle maintenance costs. Try to take a stroll on the Riverview Park boardwalk? Swim the river, slog the swamp or swing from the tree to get to across the boardwalk left unrepaired for how many years now?
    But creating a ordinance for something the state and feds already cover so you can get free labor and $50, that’s important.

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