COVID cases increase by 38% in St. Joseph County in 14 days

Rebecca Burns, health officer for the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Community Health Agency, has made a public statement regarding the rapid increase in positive cases of COVID-19 in St Joseph County.

On June 13, there were 167 total known cases in St. Joseph County and a week later the number was 202 cases. Burns said the additional 35 cases represent a 21 percent increase in just seven days.

Over a two-week period, St. Joseph County has experienced an increase of 56 cases, representing a 38 percent increase in 14 days.

Burns pointedly said St. Joseph County is clearly “losing to this virus right now.”

All communities are at risk and safe measures should be taken by all.

Burns encouraged people to wear a mouth and nose covering in the public and insist family do as well. She continues to discourage congregating in groups and to maintain social-distancing practices.

Also, student athletes and their coaches wanting to get back to practice/conditioning should make sure everyone is following the MHSAA guidance.

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